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Armadale Farm Kennel Rates
Boarding/Daycare Rates

Daily boarding fees begin the day of drop off regardless of the time your pets are dropped off. If you pick up before 3 pm on weekdays, you are NOT charged for the pick up day. After 3 pm, another day’s charge is added to your pets stay. The 3 pm checkout is waived if you are having your pet bathed on the day you pick up (Monday through Saturday only). You will be charged for Sunday whether you are dropping off or picking up your pet. Boarding pets can be bathed on Sunday at owner’s expense.

Dogs: $31.00 per dog per day
Cats: $18.00 per cat per day

Basic Day Care: $14.00 per day
Day Care w/ Playgroup: $22.00 per day

We offer multiple pet discounts (3 or more), senior citizen discounts, and long-term boarding discounts.  Ask for details when you call and make your reservation.

Extra Services

Extra Walks: $2.00 per walk per day

Daily Brush: $3.00 minimum (Depends on the individual)

Pamper Time: $8.00 per session

Baths: $29.00 and up (call for details)

Furminator®: $25.00 minimum plus bath fee

Dip: $4.00 plus bath fee

Haircuts: Call for quote

Nails: $10.00-$15.00

Teeth Brushing: $12.00 per time

Comfortis®: $15-17 per pill

Playtime: $9.00 per session (Our most popular activity!)

Cookie Time: $1.50 per time

Frozen Kong®: $4.00 each

Frosty Paws®: $4.00 each

Sunday Brunch: $4.50 per meal

Gourmet Biscuits & Gravy: $3.00 each

Laser Tag: $5.00 per session

Tread Time: $8.00 per session

Photo Time: $5.00 per session

Other Fees

Special diets: There is a $1.00 per day administrative fee when you bring food for your pet from home. There is a $1.00 per day fee for our Low Residue or Fish and Potato Diets.

Medication: A per-dose fee is assessed for medicating or treating your pet during their stay. These fees apply to supplements, as well as eye and ear treatments. Ask about fees charged for this service.

See Premium Services for more information about these charges.

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