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Premium Services


We have additional services that may be requested, so your pets will feel special while they board with us! All of these services can be requested at check-in, along with a more detailed explaination of what they include. If you have any questions, simply give us a call.

Download and fill out our admission form before drop off and your pet will receive 2 free cookie times!Admission form must be filled out at each visit!


This is our most popular activity! This 30-minute session can allow your pet to play with other dogs or play with one of our kennel technicians. For only $9.00 per session, this allows for a lot of off-lead fun! We have 3 individual, Astroturf play yards plus toys and pools for added fun!

Upon request, you can receive a play log which is a report that will tell you how your pet did during their playtimes.


Pamper Time

Your pet can be pampered with our 30-minute service. This is a one-on-one “spoiled” session with one of our kennel technicians. Your dog will be given a long walk, a good brushing, an extra cookie and lots of attention

For $8.00 per session, this allows for a lot of individual TLC!


Daily Brushing

A great service for your fluffy, shedding 4-legged friends! Starting at $3 daily brush for short-medium coated dog. Prices may vary for long coats. De-matting charges may apply. Cats are welcome to have daily brushing too!


Extra Walks

Each walk gives your pet extra on-leash time in our private fenced in yard. For pets in indoor runs or condos, two walks per day are included.

Extra walks are only $2.00 per walk per day.


Daily Treats

We all have a sweet tooth, including your pet! For a small fee, your dog can enjoy a variety of treat services. Along with each of these services, giving extra lovin’ is a must!

Cookie Times: We have a variety of dog biscuits and snacks for dogs. $1.50 per day.

Frozen Kong®: A rubber kong toy that is filled with treats and peanut and is served as frozen treat! $4.00 per day.

Frosty Paws®: Ice cream especially made for dogs and is perfect for those “dog” days of summer.  $4.00 per day.

Tread-Time: 30 minutes of exercise on treadmill, great for high energy dogs! $8.00 per day

Biscuits & Gravy: Gourmet biscuits drizzled with gravy.  $3.00 per day.

Photo Time: Photo E-mail, with a small note on how your pets are doing. $5.00 per day


Sunday Brunch

While you are away you may treat your pet to a delicious home-cooked meal. Check our weekly menu to see what is being served each Sunday.  Typical meals include a main course, starch, vegetable, and a dessert for only $4.50.


Laser Tag

Dogs and cats love it!  This service provides 15-20 minutes of chasing after a laser pointer which is great exercise for your pets for $5.00 per day.



Baths for boarding pets can be scheduled any time during their visits, including Sundays. Appointments can be made from Monday through Saturday for drop-off bathing and haircutting.

Baths: $29 & up - Call for price quote.

Haircuts: – Call for price quote.

FURminator®:  $50 & up.  Reduces shedding up to 90%!

Nails: $15.00-$20.00

Anal Glands: $5.00-$10.00


Teeth Brushing

Good oral hygiene is as important for pets as it is with humans and for $12.00, our staff can brush your pet’s teeth.  This helps reduce tartar build-up and keeps their breath fresh.


Food from Home/Medications

If you bring food from home, there is a $1.00 per day administrative fee.  Food from home must be placed in individual zip lock-type baggies, 1 meal per bag.  Pills may not be mixed with the food packages. There is a per-dose fee for all medications, supplements, topical treatments (i.e.: flea products), and eye/ear care and medicating (excluding heartworm prevention).


Specialty Diets

We provide a range of Bil-Jac® brand dog foods including Adult, Puppy, Reduced Fat, and Senior to your pet for no additional cost.  We feed our boarding pets twice daily.

For $1.00 per day, we offer:

  • Iams Veterinary Formula® Intestinal Plus-Low Residue (Sensitive Stomach)
  • Royal Canin Veterinary Diet® Potato and Whitefish Formula™ Limited Ingredient Diet (Low Allergen)
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