Our Fenced In Yard

The Grooming Room

The Bathing Room

The Kennel. This Is Only One Of Two Sides!

The Cat Room


Our Facilities

  Armadale Farm Kennel is proud of our facilities. We take great pride in providing your pet with a clean and comfortable place to stay. We have a spacious yard, climate controlled kennel, special room for cats, plus grooming and bathing facilities. If you wish to visit our facilities click here to see a map and get directions
Our Yard
  Our back yard features a large amount of space for your pet to walk, play, and do their business! The entire space is fenced! Your dog is brought out into this yard by our kennel techs for walks, pamper time, and playtimes.  

Groom Room
  We can do grooming! A full-time groomer is on hand for your pets grooming needs. Boarding pets can be groomed any day of the week prior to pick up.  

The Kennel

Dog facilities include 49 indoor runs, 47 indoor/outdoor runs, and for small dogs, 38 condos. The kennel is fully heated during the winter and air conditioned during the summer.

Availability for Indoor-Outdoor runs is limited, especially around holidays and during the summer, so be sure to call as far in advance as possible to make your reservations. These runs have a swinging doggie door that allows the dogs to go outside during the day. At night, the dogs are closed into their indoor area.

An indoor run is similar to the indoor-outdoor run without the doggie doors. There is still plenty of space for your pet to socialize with nearby dogs. Two walks are included in the daily boarding fee for dogs booked for indoor runs.

We have condos as well, which are intended for small breeds. Two walks are also included with daily boarding fee. 

For very small dogs and older dogs that need a calmer, more sedate boarding experience, we have condos in our main building. This space is much quieter and relaxed.

We have a separate place for your cat to stay away from the annoyance of the pesky dogs! The cat room is bright, quiet with soft classical music playing. Two large skylights fill the room with natural light. Your cat will love it here! Cats have a chance to get out and exercise and play on a daily basis.




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